A warm welcome to my datenlage.blog! For the eagerly curious amongst you: Datenlage is German (so am I).  It’s pronounced [dah:ten:lah:geh] and means “data situation” or “data management”.

My name’s Britta Bettendorf. I see myself as an applied Data Scientist and Data Artist who applies data science for one reason: to solve business problems. Armed with a strong foundation in psychology and a professionally experienced eye for business, I’m good in understanding what matters and what matters to whom.

I spend a lot of time learning and developing new competencies as data science is really a fast-evolving field and I want to keep up with the latest trends. After having finished my Data Science bootcamp at Flatiron School, I currently expand a bit into Data Engineering, especially into working with cloud data warehouses and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), but also into Natural Language Processing.